The Company


VOXNEY is a global company specialized in supplying, and procuring products and solutions to the food and beverage, industrial, agricultural, petrochemical, and mining sectors through innovative products and services of supply, funding, and management in the value chain.

Voxney has over 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Our primary focus is to provide high quality products and/or services at affordable prices while delivering superior customer service.

Our Mission is to create added value. We seek to enlarge the profitability and productivity of our customers.

Thanks to our vast network, we can provide our customers with raw material, machinery and spare parts, as well as after-sales service. Our offices are spread over the entire continent; therefore we can guarantee a professional regional management and over 200 employees at the service of our customers.

Over the last 9 years Voxney has been in a process of diversification by establishing commercial presence in Latin America. The offices have been opened and coordinated by a very simple regional structure. Nowadays, we have presence in 6 countries with 150 employees serving customers all over the world.